Australia Climate
Action Fund.

Community in Action

The Australia Climate Action Fund (ACAF) is a non-profit fund dedicated to tackling climate change. We finance new and innovative projects across the country to reduce Australia’s carbon footprint and secure a better future for the next generation. The best part? You decide where the money goes. From installing solar paneling for schools to building off-grid bushfire refuges for remote communities, ACAF members control what is being funded by voting for the projects they want our board to implement. 



We fund projects that demonstrably reduce CO2 emissions in Australia.

Initially, we expect to support the provision of solar power on community assets that may not be get full funding at this stage. As time goes by, we hope to expand our reach into areas as diverse as supporting the environment with regreening, building batteries, sponsoring staff in NGOs that reduce emissions to offering research grants for plausible emission reduction technology.

Regardless of the type of project, each will be evaluated against a strict criteria, and those that meet that criteria will be presented to you, our Members, to decide which should be funded.

The following projects are currently for vote by our members. If you have an idea of a project for us to consider please go here

Repower our schools

Schools have the perfect profile for solar, as they operate almost exclusively during day light hour…

Repower my Community

Community building including  surf lifesaving clubs, sailing clubs, bowling clubs and tennis clubs h…

Future Projects

At ACAF you have the opportunity to tell us where to invest the community funds. As we are only star…